Independent System Integration

Prism Automation Limited are independent system specialists providing total robotic program management including, complete integration and installation. We will work with your production staff each step of the way to ensure a successful, working robotic system specific to your needs.


Prism Automation business objective

Online Robot Programming

We implement Industrial Robot Programming of new and existing production lines / cells. Reviewing and cleaning up existing robot programs within your standards. Analysing and optimising the production sequence time. Integration of new models into existing production lines / cells. Commissioning, optimising and programming the applications needed in the production lines / cells.

Process experience includes: Handling, spot welding (AC & MFDC), self pierce riveting, clinching, stud welding, MIG/MAG welding, plasma cutting, gluing and sealing.

Production / Maintenance assistance, training and teamwork.


Offline Robot Programming

Robot programming with OLP from RobCad EM-Workplace, single and multiple Robots with all relevant applications. Integration of new models including all user required applications. Modification and optimisation of existing production lines / Cells. Analysing the production synthetic sequence time. Cleaning up of the programs within your standards.